Stroyinvest BG Group Ltd. is а dynamically developing building and investment company of the real estate market in Bulgaria. Real estate has always been one of the most effective and guaranteed ways to invest capital. Entering of Bulgaria in the EU in 2007, eased visas, wonderful climate, warm sea give reason investors to invest their money in property in Bulgaria.

All properties that we offer are our investment projects carried out by us from the design stage through construction and commissioning. Buying property of our company, you can be sure that you buy a really quality product.

Availability of representatives of Bulgaria and Russia gives us the opportunity to work individually with our customers. Our English-speaking staff at our offices will provide a view of the properties and will introduce you to the local characteristics of life. We offer documentation and legal support for the deals to ensure their reliability.

On our site we will find an extensive database with detailed descriptions and photos of the properties. Contact our team to get the latest information and detailed advice on the purchase of property you are interested.

We offer a European service and the best пропертиес in the beautiful and welcoming Bulgaria!