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"Calypso" - Class "PREMIUM"

Chernomorets, Bulgaria



In the center of the town ofChernomorets

200 m from the sea

35 km from Bourgas International Airport

25 km from Bourgas

9 km from the town of Sozopol


Infrastructure development:


• Security guard

Video Surveillance

• Control Company


•Cable TV



Act of commissioning (Act 16) - №9 / 19.03.2012


About the complex:

"Calypso" impresseswith its unique architecture and construction quality. Its location - in theheart of town creates excellent conditions for year-round use. The buildingconsists of 27 apartments and 2 studios, spread over 5 floors. All studios andapartment is provided with kitchen cabinets with hoods and electric hobs. Inthe bathrooms are installed glass shower enclosures and heaters. The floorsin the corridors and kitchens are finished with faience and the living room andbedrooms - laminated flooring. The walls are painted in pastel colors, eachroom is equipped with air conditioning. The windows are made in the Frenchstyle and sunlight fills the room. The floor plan of the apartments is bothmodern and rational, creates a feeling of spaciousness and comfort. Thebalconies offer you a splendid panoramic views of the town and the sea.